A unique guest house just 30 km from the Moscow Kremlin
Step off the roller coaster called modern life, park your daily affairs and treat yourself to the luxury of a peaceful and relaxing retreat in the Roca Park Collection
We have created a tranquil pier of comfort and calm just a few minutes away from Moscow yet a world apart from the urban bustle.

Be alone with yourself and with your loved ones.
In our club hotel, every detail, each touch were created with your comfort and pleasure in mind. A place to pause, a place to renew. A place to share with loved ones.

We have brought together the privacy of a retreat with the luxury of an exclusive hotel.

Imagine a morning in the garden listening to the birds or relaxing with a cup of coffee on the balcony wrapped in a bathrobe - walking through our private park or ordering a champagne breakfast in your room - we are here for your dreams to come true.

In our restaurant we present the excellence of our chefs – modern Russian and European cuisine served to you with gastronomic elegance in sumptuous comfort.

Аlso, our restaurant is at your service for any celebration or banquet, exclusively for you and your guests. If your wonderful celebration finishes late, you can always stay overnight with us. What could be a better way to end an unforgettable day?

We can offer a secluded space with fireplace and cigar room for confidential and private meetings.

Feel yourselves as dear guests in the house of close friends.

We look forward to seeing you!
Our restaurant offers its guests home-cooked dishes of the highest quality every day and an excellent selection of drinks for making excellent gastronomic ensembles.
It offers an outdoor swimming pool with heated water and a decorative waterfall, an outdoor fireplace for a barbecue.
Guests can also spend time playing petanque (bocce) and table tennis.
If you want to book a room, have questions, need advice feel free to call or write to us
Our team is always ready to help!
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  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor heated pool
  • Outdoor fire pit and bbq
  • Petanque (bocha)
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  • Kuchino, Ryabushinsky st.
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