It offers an outdoor swimming pool with heated water and a decorative waterfall, an outdoor fireplace for a barbecue.
Guests can also spend time playing petanque (bocce) and table tennis.
We are delighted to invite you to use our outdoor heated pool and waterfall. Beach towels are already in your room.
Swimming in the pool and relaxing on a comfortable recliner will create an atmosphere of a true country escape.

A genuine country holiday is never complete without grilling meat on an open fire

We invite all guests of the Roka Park Collection to participate in this exciting game with simple rules, which is gaining popularity in Russia and enjoyed throughout the world

Everyone knows that a change of activity provides the best rest.
What could be more fun than a ping pong duel in the open air?
Good for you at any age!

If you want to book a room, have questions, need advice feel free to call or write to us
Our team is always ready to help!
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  • Spain
  • Russian Empire
  • Central Europe
  • England
  • America
  • France
  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor heated pool
  • Outdoor fire pit and bbq
  • Petanque (bocha)
  • Table tennis
  • Address
  • Russia, Moscow region,
  • Kuchino, Ryabushinsky st.
  • RUS